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Volunteers have been helping to make Carolyn's Dream a reality. In 2015 and 2016 dozens of volunteers showed up in Livingston to begin the task of beautifying the grounds.  Carolyn loved flowers and so volunteers sprinkled color across the grounds by installing flower beds in front of the main building and later planted hundreds of bulbs along the highway. The main building truly is a beauty disguised as a beast. It will require many hands and feet coming together to make Carolyn's Dream, our dream - come true but these volunteers have made a start and more work will be done as spring arrives for another year.

Last year Greater New York Conference, with the help of your donations to Carolyn’s Dream, was able to put a new roof on the main building. There is still a tremendous amount of work necessary before that building can be available for general use but the new roof halts deterioration of this iconic building until funds can be raised for restoration.

Over the past months a lot of background work has been going on. We have been exploring retirement home options for the redevelopment of the Adventist Home property.  Right now the board is considering a proposal that includes market research, financing research and development of a masterplan for the redevelopment project. Completion of this study is key to moving forward with Carolyn’s Dream. Your donation to Carolyn’s Dream will help to make that study possible.