Development Projects

We are now arranging for a comprehensive feasibility study which will include market analysis to determine what kind of facilities people need, exploration of the kind of development that the town zoning board will permit, research into potential financing options, and a comprehensive masterplan for development. This study will cost as much as $75,000. This is the key to a successful achievement of Carolyn’s Dream. Your donation now can help to make this study possible.

 Below is a brief listing of proposed projects to upgrade and expand retirement facilities and housing options.  Plans are subject to change. We will continue to post more detailed information regarding the development plans as it becomes available. 

Beautification of the Grounds

- Flowerbeds

- Painting

- Landscaping

- Gazebo and Picnic areas

- Improve Walking Trails

- Organic Farming 


Renovation of the Main Building 

- Roofing (COMPLETED JULY 2016)

- Energy Efficient Windows

- Private Rooms

- Private Apartments 

- Meeting and Classroom Space

- Commercial Kitchen 

- Restoration of the Dining Hall